About Alice Staffing

Alice Staffing is a part of Alice Group which exclusively deals with - Staffing | Consulting | Training

Alice Staffing is an associate company of Alice Group , which deals with Staffing/Recruitment, Consulting, Training, skill development, process outsourcing, related activities through IT, ITES, Healthcare, Pharma, Financial and Non IT Core sectors of business. Alice Staffing provides cost effective reliable and timely solutions for corporate and core industries in the fields of IT/non IT staffing and skill development. We are young but solid in the grounds of creating the cedibility and trust among our clients and customers by providing constant responsive services.

Our Services are custom made and tailored for our clients & customers hence our solutions are independent of industries or platforms. This client & customer centric approach of creating custom, unique solutions made us leaders among any other traditional staffing agency. We do :

  • Staffing & Recruitment
  • Consulting
  • Trainings & Skill Development
  • Payroll & Invoicing
  • Process Outsourcing
  • Medical Coding, Billing & Transcription

What makes Alice Staffing Uique! Do you get benifit of that Uniqueness?

Yes! Alice Staffing is proud to showcase the word "Unique". Because we are unique at core of our business process. Yes we could say so happiely that we have a 100% customer satisfaction during past few years of our successful business operations.

When it comes to uniqueness of our busness services, its purely because of our goal oriented custom made solutions. Ours solutions changes from client to client and customer to customer. That is the perfect approach, as at Alice Staffing we know that no two clients/customers are with the same requirements/expectations! then why should we stick with the same old approach towards their needs? Hence we dont hesitate to design the whole new solutions with results within the stipulated time frames with all our expertise. Hence we are Unique!

Yes! you will get benifited.. At Alice Staffing we are designing the solution that fits your needs and we never gamble with a process that yeilded a result for some other client. This clearly gives you an edge that the solution is made up on your requirements and hence saves a lot of time and money. Nextly we alyways pitch in with a solution for your need and requirement, so accuratley with the client centric custom solutions, so NO selling of fixed predefined services, which is highly cost effective. When we saved your time, money and bring you the results, then what else do we miss!

Our mission is to establish Alice Staffing as a complete Staffing Agency where every need of our customers are attained irrespective of business verticals.
Our Goal is to Redefine the Business values with our refined business policies, where complete customer satisfaction is achieved through our innovative solutions.
Cost effective and Innovative Solutions delivered in time.

Alice Staffing Services

Contract Staffing

Looking for staff to supplement your workforce? Save time and money by letting us recruit, screen, and place the professionals you need for a contract placement. Contract staffing reduces your overheads and increases the productivity.

Contract to Hire Staffing

Need time before you hire? We can place candidates initially on a contractual basis. Then, once the contract ends, you have the opportunity to decide if they would be a good fit for permanent placement on your team.

Permanent Staffing

Need full-time, permanent employees? We also recruit professionals to work directly for you from the start.

Soft skills and Product training

Do you need IT training for your team as skill development? We will handle that with our in house subject matter experts. Do you need a project training or end user training for any product? We do handle that with our in house training department. This is really hassel free and most inportantly you need not to hire any one for all this process!

H.R and Payroll services

H R and Payroll are the major and crusial part of any organisation across any industry. And this is the reason we are providing the H.R & Payroll services as a standard service. We handle your complete H.R service leaving you rest assured. So that you could focus and invest more time and resources on your core business activities.

Domestic/International Staffing

Alice Staffing also offers both domestic & international staffing services to assist companies that may have a global reach. Our services extend to markets in Canada, USA, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Middle East apart from India.

Process Outsourcing

  • Medical: We handle the complete medical coding, transcription and billing process through our offshore centres with highly reliable and cost effective business models.
  • Invoicing: We handle the complete Invoice and payment follow up process for our on shore clients which makes them free and focus on their core business activites.
  • Accounting:We do handle Accounting process through our offshore accounting teams who are dedicated and qualified personnel.

Let's Work Together!